President & CEO, Brett Malone, Ph.D. talks with Erik Gatenholm, CEO of Cellink, with honors that include Innovator of the Year, Founder of the Year, and has


He has been CEO of several Swedish companies such as Tylö and CEO of one of the business areas within the Getinge Group. Other assignments and positions: Chairman and CEO of BSJ i Halmstad AB and board member of Avidicare Holding AB, Integrum AB, Handelstriangeln AB, Mentice Ab and Texor AB. Shareholding in CELLINK:

3D printing is not only used to make custom plastic objects; the technology has also been put at the service of the health industry to create artificial organs and tissues for transplants. This is demonstrated by this hardware, which prints layers of human skin created by researchers at the University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain and these blood vessel tissues printed in 3D by a team at Harvard University, USA. Gatenholm is the co-founder and CEO of CELLINK – the world’s leading 3D-bioprinting technology company – where he and his team created the first universal bioink in 2016. Erik Gatenholm here, the co-founder and CEO of CELLINK, the leading 3D Bioprinting technology company. I was born in Sweden but grew up in the US where I also went to High School, College (Virginia Tech University), and started my entrepreneurial career. Fueled by his passions for biotechnology, marketing and facilitating change, Gatenholm co-founded and is the CEO of Cellink, the world’s first bioink company, with its U.S. headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts and European office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Erik Gatenholm, CEO. Gusten Danielsson, CFO. Phone (Sweden): +46 73 267 00 00. Phone (Sweden): +46 70 991 86 04.

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A two-day virtual gathering of the leading minds in the life Meet the team: Harry, Managing Director. May 20, 2019. General  30 Oct 2019 “We are excited about CelLink's progress with its product portfolio since our initial seed investment,” said RBVC Managing Director Dr. Ingo  19 Aug 2020 precise dispensing of reagents and human cells," Cellink CEO Erik Gatenholm said in a statement. "With Scienion's revolutionary technology  24 May 2018 Known for identifying cutting edge technologies, he is currently a Co-Founder of a startup and fundraiser for high potential early-stage companies. 13 Jan 2017 CELLINK CEO and co-founder Erik Gatenholm said of the new bioprinter: “We are differentiators helping innovators succeed. We help  7 Aug 2019 Jonas Schoendube, CEO, Cytena. "We are excited to welcome Cytena to the CELLINK family of life-science companies with this strategic  3 Nov 2016 Cellink is a biotechnology company and one of the first bioink to where we are today,” said Erik Gatenholm, CEO and Co-Founder of Cellink.

The Economist this week turns its very sharp eye to corporate leadership, asking, How important is the CEO to a company’s overall performance? The answer (like all good things): It depends on how you look at it.

"Artur Aira, BAM, CELLINK Swedish 3D bioprinter and materials developer CELLINK has agreed to acquire precision dispensing 3D printing firm Scienion in a deal worth €80 million. The takeover, which is expected to take From employee scandals to legal controversies, some companies have faced serious issues after their CEOs put their entire future in jeopardy with their questionable actions. Even powerhouse companies like Nike, Victoria's Secret, Groupon, E Behind every successful business lies a powerful CEO. These people are at the top of their game when it comes to getting the job done, but with so much being thrown at them at once, these businessmen and women also know a thing or two about Hot on the heels of the publication of the October issue of Fast Company — and Jennifer Reingold’s feature on CEOs who should lose their jobs — Motorola Inc.‘s CEO Christopher Galvin The Economist this week turns its very sharp eye to corporate leadership, asking, How important is the CEO to a company’s overall performance? The answer (like all good things): It depends on how you look at it.

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Member of the board of Bure Equity AB, Ostell AB, Cellink AB and S2 Medical Co-founder of GHP and Deputy CEO of the GHP Group for a number of years.

“With this acquisition, we are further realizing CELLINK’s vision to create the future of medicine by taking one step closer to the clinic and improving health around the world. CELLINK's founders informs about executing a call option Sat, Apr 18, 2020 12:45 CET. CELLINK AB has today been informed by Erik Gatenholm (CEO) and Héctor Martinez (CTO) that they have sold B-shares in CELLINK to Gusten Danielsson (CFO) in connection with Gusten Danielsson having redeemed a call option issued by the two first mentioned founders in connection with the formation of the company. 2021-03-20 Executive Assistant to CEO CELLINK mar 2021 –nu 1 månad. Gothenburg Metropolitan Area Svenska Mässan 3 år 7 månader Project Manager Svenska Mässan dec 2019 – mar 2021 1 år 4 månader CEO and Management is often around in all the different departments to get to know the people and understand their daily work, and to learn from employees. Always finds solutions, don’t focus on problems Speed, what CELLINK does in one quarter other companies is doing in one year 2020-08-25 CELLINK launches C.WASH, an innovative liquid handling system for automated media change in micro-well plates Wed, Oct 21, 2020 11:30 CET. Today, CELLINK launches the C.WASH, an innovative liquid handling system for media change in cellular assays and tipless magnetic bead washing. Participants from CELLINK are: Erik Gatenholm, CEO Gusten Danielsson, CFO. A press release with CELLINK's interim report will be published at 08.15 the same day.

Cellink ceo

October 24 . Erik Gatenholm, CEO © Erik Gatenholm is a dynamic American entrepreneur who is leveraging his passion for sales, marketing, and lifesciences to create the future of medicine. Gatenholm is the co-founder and CEO of 2020-03-01 CELLINK CEO Erik Gatenholm wins Anders Wall Exceptional Entrepreneurship Award. 10/12/2017Company news. We are honored to announce our CEO Erik Gatenholm has been awarded the Anders Wall Exceptional Entrepreneurship Award. The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce New York held the annual Innovate 46 award at Nasdaq in Time Square where the award CelLink manufactures next-generation flexible circuits and flexible harnessing for the automotive industry. Relative to traditional round wire harnessing, our products are lighter, lower cost, take Cellink's Chairman of the Board is Carsten Browall.
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Cellink ceo

CELLINK is a global leader in developing and delivering life-science solutions, equipping hundreds of labs and thousands of scientists worldwide with  Ansök till Managing Director, Assistant Director, Direktör med mera! C Cellink AB Biotage AB Astrazeneca PLC Autoliv Inc. Osoita työntekijöillesi että välität ja  Affärsvärlden är en tjänst för dig med ett brinnande intresse för börs- och aktiehandel. Våra analytiker har över 50 års samlad börserfarenhet. Avanza Banks rörelseresultat för första kvartalet uppgår preliminärt till 756 miljoner kronor, jämfört med marknadens förväntningar på i snitt 490 miljoner.

Advanced bioprinting technologies for pharmaceuticals and drug development.

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Cellink AB (publ), a bio convergence company, designs and develops bioprinting, liquid handling, single-cell analysis, CEO. Erik Gatenholm (31 yo) 5.25yrs.

Gothenburg, Sweden. October 24 .

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9 Jan 2020 Much like its co-founder and CEO, Cellink came about in the U.S. but was born in Sweden. That is also where Gatenholm was first introduced to 

Bland annat kommer C.WASH att användas inom high-throughput COVID-19-testning och forskning. C.WASH erbjuder en kontaktfri metod för att utföra komplexa tvättuppgifter, vilket möjliggör automatiserad och reproducerbar tvätt av Cellink har i dagsläget ansökt om två patent, ett på biobläcket och ett på 3D-bioskrivarna. Skulle dessa inte godkännas så skulle konkurrenter kunna använda deras teknologi, vilket skulle försvaga deras ställning. Sett till P/B däremot, kommer Cellink till börsen med en prislapp på 4,71 x balansomslutningen. Snittet för CELLINK’s acquisition of MatTek follows its purchase of Scienion for $96 million in August 2020. Photo via CELLINK.